Valley View is a proposed single family residence situated on a pristine property overlooking one of the many gorgeous valleys of Otsego County, Michigan. More information and graphics to come!


Grūv Design Studio had the pleasure of working with Atomic Properties, whose vision was to create a marketplace type commercial building in Traverse City to house a brewery, kitchen, and coffee bar. The project program lent itself well to a simple pole barn structure with the dining area inhabiting the front half of the building, the brewhouse in the back half.

The project team was inspired by Scandinavian architecture, which often utilizes a simple form adorned with a raw and minimalist material palette. This inspiration was manifested by use of dark corrugated metal siding and roofing, contrasted with natural tongue and groove cedar end walls and soffits. Staying true to this simple aesthetic, the team incorporated a concealed gutter system, thereby maintaining the purity of the pole barn gable form. Large 6 foot x 9 foot windows are placed along the street front facade, with the window sills held high enough to block the diners’ view of the the highly trafficked Cass Road, all while framing the view of the nearby hillside.

Construction is anticipated to be completed in the summer of 2024. More information and graphics to come!